In connection with the global fight against coronavirus, we wish you health and strength in lifting the restrictions associated with leaving home.

After all, this time can be beneficial for the development of family relationships, which we sincerely wish you.

We are aware that due to the increased household responsibilities many parents now need to have their hands free and also want to spend time close with their young children.That is why we are constantly preparing wraps, carriers and ring slings according to your requests. We have included some of the most important information related to coronavirus.

  • Natibaby products have never been sewn in large production halls, housing dozens or hundreds of people, as is often the case in our industry. A maximum of one or two people work with us in one room. From an epidemiological point of view, Natibaby products are the best possible choice. The risk of contact of Natibaby products and the virus is minimal.
  • According to experts, if the coronavirus is found on objects and products, it dies after a few hours, that is, before the product reaches your homes. Plastic surfaces and packaging used during shipments, which may come into contact with the virus during transport, may raise doubts. The most cautious expert opinions suggest that the virus may last longer on plastic surfaces, i.e. up to 3 days. Therefore, we recommend that after buying anything online put the product aside and start using it after 3-4 days. After receiving the package, wash your hands, door handles, contacts and other items touched along the way.
  • Due to transport restrictions, we had to cancel shipments to countries outside Europe. In Poland and in Europe, shipments run smoothly. There is no reason to worry. 4. Customers in Italy please contact us before ordering. Some areas of Italy have been excluded from the possibility of delivering parcels. We check this individually by entering the address into the system. We will keep you updated in the event of new information.You are present in our hearts and our prayers.