NatiGrow adjustable Carriers

NatiGrow adjustable Carriers

The NatiGrow baby carrier grows with the child. The length and width adjustable panel allows it to be adapted to the current height of the child and is sufficient for the entire period of wearing. If the child is approx. 6-8 months old, it is best to choose the Classic size, if it is about a year or more, we recommend the Classic + size, and for over two-year-old children, the Preschool size. Such selected sizes will allow the use of the carrier for many months and years without the risk of the child growing out.


Panel‌ ‌sizes‌ ‌[width,‌ ‌height]:

Classic‌:‌ ‌18-43‌ ‌cm,‌ ‌29-41‌ ‌cm‌ ‌(7.1″-16.9″,‌ ‌11.4″-16.1″)‌

Classic+‌:‌ ‌20-48‌ ‌cm,‌ ‌35-45‌ ‌cm‌ ‌(7.9″-19.9″,‌ ‌13.78″-17.72″)‌

PreSchool‌:‌ ‌30-52‌ ‌cm,‌ ‌46-56‌ ‌cm‌ ‌(11.8″-20.5″,‌ ‌18.1″-22.0″)‌ ‌