Melody Of The Heart v1, v2, v3, v4, WRAP [40% Baumwolle 60% Viscose Bamboo]

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Woven Wrap

If you think about babywearing Natibaby wraps are the perfect choice. They provide outstanding comfort and safety not only for newborns but also for toddlers.

Natibaby wraps suit all people regardless their body weight or silhouette.

There are a lot of possible ways to tie Natibaby wraps. Each positon is easy to tie by yourself. With our Natibaby wrap comes a detailed manual.

Natibaby wraps are made in Poland (EU).

Material: 40% Baumwolle 60% Viscose Bamboo

Guter Start: Nein
Material: mit Baumwolle, mit Viskose aus Bambus-Zellstoff
Flächengewicht [g/m2]: 210