Babywearing Coffee

  • 100% Arabica
  • freshly roasted coffee
  • whole bean coffee;
  • single origin
  • botanical variety: Catuai, Mundo Novo
  • origin: South America, Brazil, Mogiana region, Sul de Minas, Cerrado
  • height of crops: 800 – 1200m above sea level.m.
  • coffee processing: natural
  • roast profile: medium
  • sensory description: perfectly balanced coffee, clear body, aftertaste of bitter and milk chocolate and nuts, noticeable fruit notes, delicate acidity,
  • recommended use: espresso machines, milk coffees, alternative methods,
  • best for consumption: minimum 4 days from roasting.
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  • €7,54

Babywearing Coffee has been prepared especially for fans of babywearing (carrying their children in baby carriers, wraps and slings). They are distinguished by a mild taste with the dominance of milk chocolate notes and negligible sourness. In coffee you can also feel the notes of nuts and raisins. Such a taste is ideally associated with the period of motherhood: delicacy, feeding, sweetness. Coffee is a great, tasty and nice element of respite from the daily duties of a young parent.

The taste effect is the result of the selection of coffee beans and the way they are burned. Babywearing Coffee is based on coffee fruits from Brazil (100% Arabica) from the Mogiana, Sul de Minas and Cerrado regions. They differ from other coffees primarily due to the lower density of its internal structure. This affects the way such coffee is roasted. To achieve the best taste, it needs a much longer roasting time and the use of lower temperatures. Due to the attempt to save time, some of the roasters decide to shorten the smoking process, which affects the taste. Our Brazilian coffee is definitely roasted longer. Thanks to this, the level of burnout is even both outside and inside the grains, and the resulting characteristic chocolate taste becomes more intense and pleasant.

The world of Brazilian coffee is heterogeneous, and Brazil is by far the world's largest producer. Babywearing Coffee beans are among the largest (sc 17/18). They are therefore properly developed, ripe, which in turn affects the final effect, i.e. the unique taste.

Babywearing Coffee is suitable for all types of brewing.

The beans are packed in bags dedicated to coffee beans, which are equipped with a special system of multiple closing, which allows you to maintain the freshness, aroma and taste of coffee even after opening the package. Thanks to this, there is no need to pour grains into sealed jars or use additional sealing clips.

The coffee was prepared by Spesarro coffee roaster