Schutzmaske - ROT [100% Baumwolle]

Protective mask for coronavirus

A choice between two options - a 2-layer or 3-layer mask:

  • 3-layer mask:

- 2 outer layers of cotton with an ecological certificate

- 1 additional layer in the middle - specialist protective non-woven fabric with parameters similar to medical nonwovens

  • 2-layer mask:


- 2 outer layers of cotton with an ecological certificate

- no layer with specialized protective fleece inside



Specialized non-woven fabric is the most important layer protecting the respiratory tract against coronavirus. It is not worth saving when buying a cheaper mask without this layer.


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  • Katalogpreis: €3,90
  • Rabatt: -€1,95
  • €1,95
    • Reusable, machine washable at high temperatures, tumble dried and ironed
    • the possibility of disinfection by cooking at 100 degrees for 30 minutes, which achieves high sterility
      WARNING !!!

    Coronavirus dies after 30 minutes at 60% degrees. By setting the washing machine at 60 degrees, as suggested by most masks sale offers, we have no guarantee that this temperature is certainly achieved and for so long. The possibility of disinfection by cooking gives the highest guarantee of elimination of unwanted microorganisms.

    • cotton with an organic certificate
    • does not cause allergies
    • adjustable elastic bands length
    • Universal size
    • Unisex
    • adult size: 16-17 cm wide, 15-16 cm high after folding
    • size for children: width 14 cm, height 14 cm after folding
    • made in Poland
    • for shopping, running, cycling, walking, rollerblading, etc.
    • possible replacement for a different eraser model than those visible in the pictures

    The waiting time for shipping is up to 3-5 business days